Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

(GCACE.AA1) / ISBN : 978-1-64459-305-9
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Hands-On Labs
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Hands-On Labs

18+ LiveLab | 21+ Video tutorials | 39+ Minutes


Planning and Configuring Compute and Storage

  • Creating a Bucket

Deploying and Implementing Compute Services

  • Creating an Instance
  • Creating a Disk
  • Accessing the Cloud Shell
  • ´╗┐Creating a Service in Cloud Run

Deploying and Implementing Database and Storage Services

  • Creating a Filestore Instance
  • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Storage
  • Initializing Data Systems with Cloud Spanner
  • Creating an Instance in Bigtable
  • Creating a Workflow Template in Dataproc

Deploying and Implementing Networking Services

  • Creating a VPC Network
  • Creating a VPC Network Peering Connection
  • Creating a Cloud Router
  • Creating a VPN Connection
  • Creating a Load Balancer
  • Creating a NAT Gateway

Using GCP Deployment Manager

  • Creating a Deployment Using Deployment Manager
  • Creating a VPC Using the Deployment Manager

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